Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dyson Airblade

"You put your hands under other dryers, rub them a bit, then give up and wipe your hands on your trousers. It's something that's always annoyed me" James Dyson

The Dyson Airblade is one of the fantastic innovations by Dyson.  This is a hand dyer but with a difference. Instead of the conventional dyer which blows out hot air to dry the hands this blows out two sheets of unheated air which travel at 400mph, effectively scraping the water off your hands and only takes 10 seconds to dry! I personally have used one of these and find them a fantastic innovation and very effective. 

This is it:
Watch the animation on the opening page which shows how the dryer works. As the famous saying goes actions speak louder than words!

Since its release, the Dyson Airblade has won several awards including the Best Overall Product at Interbuild 2007and Best workplace product innovation.

The Airblade is very environmentally friendly also and is thought to use up to 83% less energy than conventional dryers and be cheaper to run than using paper towels.It also removes 99.9% on bacteria from air used to dry hands! What more could you possibly ask for?

 For a detailed description into how the Airblade works follow this link which has a great description followed by very detailed animation. 

This is a BBC article for the the Airblade was released: 

Another fantastic design by Dyson, shows the company is really moving forward. After using one myself I really did notice the difference you could feel the air dragging the water off your hands so easily like window wipers and saved so much time having to stand around waiting for them to dry. In my opinion such a brilliant innovation, definitely leading the way in hand dryers!

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