Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tesco Clubcard

Supermarkets have always kept track of how people shop and Tesco is one of those with their Tesco Clubcard scheme. The clubcard allows for customers to to receive points for every pound they spend and when they reach 150 points, they receive a £1.50 clubcard voucher in which they can spend in store, at Tesco petrol stations, online at tesco.com and at tesco direct. Tiy can also spend them on the clubcard rewards which range from holiays to meals out, hotels to cinema tickets. The clubcard isn't just available on card. It also is available as an app for the iphone which allows customers to scan there phone at the till allowing them to receive more points!

The clubcard is run by Dunnhumby Ltd. operates the Tesco Clubcard scheme: using data collected from the scheme, Tesco can predict when people will shop, how they'll pay for their items and even how many calories they will consume. The clubcard also measures wehter they take advantage of deals on offer and everything along them lines.

On the Dunnhumby ltd. Website they state that they have access to the shopping behaviour of 13, households, item’level purchase from Tesco Clubcard.hey put genius into making sure Tesco gets to know and treat their essential customers better than anyone else. This has a dramatic impacts on their performance becase we
    ·  Drive sales through more focused, effective marketing, in store advertising
    · Save money through less marketing spend wasted on people who are not likely to respond to those offers
    ·   Identify trends and opportunities to increase ‘share of wallet’

     Therefore, In my opinion I feel the Tesco Clubcard is such a great scheme and great idea ran by them! It really does put them that one step ahead of the rest and this is what allows them to have the largest market share over all of their competitors comfortably! 
     Here is the Tesco Clubcard website, take a look into it it shows all the rewards you can receive! 

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