Thursday, 12 January 2012

H&M online dressing rooms!

I was exploring the internet the other day when I came across this brand new innovation by H&M on their company website! It is a virtual dressing room. The virtual dressing room allows you to chose between either 24 different women and 12 men hopefully to find the one who looks just like you(or similar) and you can try on all of the clothes that they have online! It is fantastic.The models start just in their underwear and you can add on as many items of clothes which you like to see how they fit how and how they look on. The innovation allows you to have a full 360 degrees look of that clothing which you also like.  Lastly, you are able to save the look that you like and can share it online with your friends!

Here is the website give it a try for yourself:

Here are a few examples of the innovation in use:

The models start out in their underwear 
Then it is completely up to you to decide through thousands of different items and dress up your model in the clothes you like! Here is one I did when messing around with the website.

The process of designing the look

Lastly, this is the screen you see.
To the left hand side is all the different peices of clothing to chose from (e.g. shirts, tops, shorts etc.) and on the left hand side is the items within those sections which you can search through to find the item which you like! Aswell as the model being in the middle of the screen it also shows the price of each item used then the total of how much they come to, this allows you see the overall cost of your look!

Screen image of what you see!

I understand that this blog is a bit different to others but what a great idea hey! Being able to see your clothes on, before you buy them! Lets you see how things fit and how the match with others! I know from my opinion I always want to see how they fit as when you buy online you just see them laid out on a table but seeing them on somebody is brilliant! Fantastic idea, really hope others follow in their footsteps with this one!

Hope you enjoyed this. Have a go yourself the link is at the top of the blog!

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