Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dominos online order tracking

Noticed this fantastic innovation last night when ordering a domino's online!

Domino's offer the opportunity for customers to track their order online. All you do is follow the link that you get after ordering online and they show you when your pizza is being prepared, cooked, at quality control and then on delivery. This allows many great advantages as people know exactly what stage their pizza is at and most of all when it is on its way allowing people to prepare to eat it, for example, getting the kids out of their rooms or setting the table! The online process also shows you the price then if you hadn't already paid online then you know exactly how much money you need for when the delivery driver gets to your door! It's Fantastic!

This is a very clever innovation and must take a lot of technology to make work as workers will have to record which stage each pizza is at! But in my opinion it is a very good idea!

Here is my order from last night!

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