Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dyson Air Multiplier

Have you ever seen a fan without any blades?? Well look no further!

Dyson have bought out their new range of fan the Dyson Air Multiplyer! 

This works as Air is sucked in through the base by a 40 watt electric motor, and then pushed out at high speed through a lip which runs around the inside of its circular head. As this is forced out, other air is drawn into the airflow, resulting in the expulsion of 405 litres every second (15 times the amount that was originally bought in!)

An easier way to see how this works in through this link! Follow the page and watch the short film to see how fantastic this innovation actually is!


All in all a very very fantastic innovation. It really is very clever in the way that it has been done, to have that much air coming out compared to what was done with the old fans really makes a difference on keeping you cool! I know sometimes in the summer I have my fan on and sometimes it makes me more hot than cold as its not blowing at any force! I feel the idea is very clever also taking in the air and multiplying it by 15 times! So impressive! 

Here are some other links to follow if you want to watch and read more about this innovation:

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