Monday, 28 November 2011

Urinals - Mans best friend.

Gents, you know that bored feeling whilst standing at the urinal relieving yourself? 

Ever fell asleep whilst at the urinal?
Well look no further

There are a number of new ways to help males enjoy their time spent at the urinal more. 

Firstly, British company Captive Media thinks it has developed a product that fills a gap in the market - a urinal mounted, urine-controlled games console for men .It calls it the first "hands-free" video gaming console of its kind. The sturdy device sits above the normal oval ceramic urinal bowl, opening up a whole new world of entertainment. The user is presented with three generous targets to aim for in the urinal: stickers in the unit that read "Start", "Left" and "Right". The console is able to detect where the urine is falling by means of an infra-red device. And so a rudimentary "joystick" is set up
Games on offer include a skiing challenge, and a multiple choice pub quiz.
Once they have finished their business, customers can use their mobile phones to post their scores to Twitter and a live leader board.
The console unit has a 12 inch LCD screen, and sits behind toughened glass. So it can withstand collateral damage and be easily cleaned. The sensor unit is contactless and does not use a camera, another important design consideration. 
Lastly, Ladies, Don't threat a version is also coming your way with Gordon MacSween the Director of Captive Media has said that "We are also installing units in ladies toilets, to address the issue of long waiting times". 
Take a look for yourself at the article and watch the very interesting video! 

Another innovative form of urinal has been found at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne, Australia. here they have a 20 meter wide screen mounted in the men's toilets. This screen is a rear projectional urinal and allows users to not miss a moment of the match when needing to go to the toilet! Horse Bazaar are the first pub in the world to do this and it looks great! What do you think!

There are many more ways in which inventors have tried to find ways to make the trip to the toilet for the male more enjoyable. Below is more pictures of urinals I have found which just makes each trip as enjoyable as the last.
You could make fun patterns? With the urinal displaying the urine. 

They're watching you!!!!

Try score a goal in this football based urinal.

Make sure you impress them!

This has not been the most normal of blogs to write about, however it was great fun to see the varieties. It really shows in my opinion that innovation is happening everywhere and it really is getting better and better! Lets just hope these come to Lincoln soon for us all to enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this! 

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